Premier Care Plan

As a member of the Premier Care Plan, your water needs are handled by your local Culligan. All you have to do is enjoy the convenience and benefits of your Culligan Water System. 

Water Softeners

  • Regular scheduled salt delivery up to four times per year*
  • With each salt delivery, we will inspect the water softener to make sure it is working properly
  • Annual 28-point inspection and applicable filter changes
  • Preventative maintenance inspection
  • Water testing
  • Chemically clean the resin and sanitize the brine tank
  • Replace control valve seals if needed for proper operation
  • Covers parts and labor of the system

*Maximum 20 bags, no potassium

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

  • Annual scheduled service call for cleaning and sanitization
  • Annual filter change every 12 months*
  • Replace RO membrane if needed
  • Water testing
  • Parts and labor covered

*Additional monthly charge for two filter changes per year

Whole House Filters

  • Annual service call
  • Re-bed filter media if needed
  • Clean and check all equipment
  • Water testing
  • Parts and labor covered

Combine and Save Options Available!


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