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About 70% of the tap water Orange County uses comes from groundwater sources. The other 30% is imported from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides water from the Colorado River via a system of aqueducts.

Groundwater systems, like the ones underneath the area around Santa Ana, tend to be harder than surface water sources as a result of naturally-occurring mineral accumulation.  For Santa Ana and Orange County drinking water, this means water may be prone to leaving buildup on sinks and faucets, as well as water spots, and sometimes staining around fixtures and sinks. Hard water can come with a discernible taste that impacts the taste of beverages made with water, as well as cooking. It can also shorten the lifespan of major appliances, as hard water is less efficient for everything from your washing machine to your coffee pot.

For those Santa Ana residents serviced with water from the Colorado River, water quality may be quite different from groundwater-served neighbors. Since surface water doesn’t filter through many layers of earth and sediment the way groundwater does, it often faces different water filtration challenges than hard water. Some of these include increased sensitivity to environmental changes, like increased microbial and algal activity, which can mean the city of Santa Ana municipalities need to add additional chemical treatments to ensure water is safe to drink. These can leave behind a slightly chlorine-like or chemical-based smell and taste to Santa Ana drinking water. 

Whether you’re dealing with a stale, chlorinated taste or odor, or looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your home, Culligan of Orange County has a water filtering solution designed for the type of water problems Santa Ana deals with most. Learn more about our filtering solutions for tap water, and find the resources you need to address issues with your drinking water, today. 

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