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The people are so friendly and professional. I couldn’t believe how hard our installation person worked to get the whole house filter installed. You couldn’t pay me enough money to crawl all the way under the house! I am really enjoying the peace of mind that I have clean drinking water for my senior parents, myself, and my dog. Highly recommend.

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We got a whole house purification system, water softening system and a reverse osmosis system. Installation was quick and clean and anytime we had a problem, Culligan was quick to send someone out and fix it. Great customer service.


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The Best Water Softeners and Water Filters in Anaheim, CA

With this combination of water resources, Anaheim, CA water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues, as well as hard water.

Surface water, like rivers and snow melt, absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption as well as annoying around the home. Most of these contaminants include naturally occurring bio materials and minerals. This means water quality can worsen seasonally when warming temperatures contribute to algal blooms, or heighten water sensitivity to microorganism growth.

Ground water presents its own treatment challenges and filtration issues, so Anaheim residents with primarily ground water service may see different water problems then those using water from Anaheim surface water sources. Most often, these manifest as hard water problems which cause buildup on faucets and fixtures, and can be hard on appliances and plumbing.

Anaheim’s water supply is a blend of groundwater from wells and imported water from Northern California and the Colorado River by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Managed by the Orange County Water District (OCWD), the groundwater basin is 350 square miles in area and lies beneath most of northern and central Orange County. Anaheim and more than 20 cities and retail water districts pump from the groundwater basin to provide water to homes and businesses.

According the the most recent Anaheim Water Quality Report: “Our water system failed to monitor as required for drinking water standards during the past year and, therefore, was in violation of the regulations…”

“We are required to monitor your drinking water for specific contaminants on a regular basis. Results of regular monitoring are an indicator of whether or not our drinking water meets health standards. During October 2021, we did not test the untreated water at one of our well sites for total coliform and therefore, cannot be sure of the quality of your source of drinking water during that time. One sample was missed; however, samples taken both prior to and after the required sample met the water quality standards. Our water disinfection equipment continued to run properly during this time, and no untreated water was served to our customers.”

Whether you’re dealing with a stale, chlorinated taste or odor, or looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your home, Culligan of Anaheim, CA has a water filtering solution designed for the type of water problems Santa Ana deals with most. Learn more about our filtering solutions for tap water, and find the resources you need to address issues with your drinking water, today. 

Is Anaheim Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Environmental Working Group detected 20 contaminants in Anaheim tap water where levels reached above their recommended guidelines. This includes arsenic, chloroform, HAA5, nitrates, PFAS, TTHMs and uranium.