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So Cal Summer Hydration Hacks You CAN’T Live Without!

60% of the average adult human body is made up of water. That means, in addition to some bone and muscle mass, fat, and other tissue, your whole body effectively runs on water. Every system in your body, from your circulatory to your digestive system, depends on good hydration to function properly.

Southern California summers can get scorching hot, but there’s no reason to sit in your [dealer info= “location”] home and waste away in the air conditioning. Whether you’re working out, planting a garden or having a picnic, you need hydration.

Why is Hydration So Important?

In addition to helping your whole body run better, good hydration facilitates our bodies’ core functions like:

  • Flushing toxins and bacteria from our systems,
  • Delivering nutrients to cells, and
  • Preventing constipation and supporting proper digestion.

Proper hydration is also key to regulating body temperature, lubricating muscles and tissue to prevent injury, and keeping your skin and hair healthy and vibrant.

When we don’t get enough water, we become dehydrated, which can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms from extreme and constant fatigue and constipation, to muscle cramping and even kidney and/or liver dysfunction. Dehydration can also manifest as dry, dull skin and nails that can be as uncomfortable to experience as it may be to look at.

How Much Water Do You Need to Stay Hydrated?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to how much water is enough water, though most healthy, physically active adults can, and do, maintain normal hydration by simply drinking water when they experience thirst.  A good rule of thumb, however, is to target about eight, eight-ounce glasses of water each day (for a total of 64 ounces in a 24-hour period.) If you’re more active than normal, it’s a good idea to increase intake, as well as during the summer when the weather is hot.  

A dependable, quick way to tell if you’re drinking enough water is to pay attention to the color of your urine. If it appears dark yellow in color, that’s a tell-tale sign you need to drink more water. If it looks more clear, then it’s a safe bet you’re getting enough water to drink.

How to Hydrate, Fast!

If you’re not a naturally thirsty person, it can be a challenge to stay well hydrated. How can you make it easier? Start with these tips to keep you healthier and more hydrated, from summer to winter:

  • Drink a glass of water when you get out of bed every morning — Morning routines make a big difference to your daily hydration. Set a glass or water bottle next to the bathroom sink or coffee pot (or wherever you’re likely to notice it first thing in the morning) to get your first glass of the day done before you’re even totally awake.
  • Drink a glass of water with every meal — Swap out soda or other beverages in favor of water and your body will thank you. Not only will you hydrate faster, you’ll likely eat less with each meal as well.
  • Add some flavor — It’s no secret, better tasting water is easier to drink, and more fun! Some popular add-ins are lemon, cucumber, or other fruit, but you can get creative and play with combinations or ingredients to give your water an extra toothsome touch.
  • Consider filtration — Sometimes all it takes to get better tasting water is a filtration system, no fruity infusions required. Anything from pitcher filters to under-sink, or whole-home water filtration systems will do the trick, depending on your home’s water.
  • Consider the container — Especially if you’re on the go often, having the right water bottle can make a big difference. Think about your lifestyle (Will it fit in my car’s cup holder? Do I like drinking from straws? Do I like it ice cold?) and decide what features will work best for you before settling on one. You can even find high-tech bottles that monitor your daily consumption for you!
  • Challenge yourself — Need some extra motivation? There are several apps online and for phones you can use to track your daily water against your goal. Download one you like and get hydrating!

However you keep yourself hydrated, Culligan can help you find a way to get better tasting water. Along with 80 years of expertise in home water treatment, we provide [dealer-url page=”product-bottled-water”] premium bottled water delivery for your home or business at the lowest prices today!


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